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*Introductory Rates*

Intro Yoga

The Foundations of Yoga


The Concept: Make sure you have a solid understanding of Yoga & it's origins before building a yoga practice. If you start at the beginning you stand less of a chance of going too fast, injuring yourself or getting discouraged too easily.

Duration: 6 Hours (6 Sessions)

Cost: $100

Discount: Seniors 10%

Beginner Yoga

Start Your Practice


Once you have the basics covered and you would like to continue on your yoga path, experience a regular practice based on a solid foundation.

Duration: 6 Hours (6 Sessions)
Cost: $100
Discount: Seniors 10%

Intermediate Yoga

Next Level of Practice


Take your practice to the next level with a regular practice and learn how to make your own practice based on your own body or daily routine.

Duration: 6 Hours (6 Sessions)

Cost: $100
Discount: Seniors 10%

Customized Yoga

Specific Trouble Areas That Need Focus


Do you sit at a desk all day or are you on your feet for many hours? Do you sit in a vehicle for long periods of time? Karina can come to your workplace or home and help you with techniques to avoid fatigue or stresses to the body and mind. 

Duration: Call for info

Cost: Varies
Discount: Seniors 10%

Karma Yoga

Yoga Outside The Box

Weeding a garden, shovelling snow, helping the community. Sound fun? Work with other yoga enthusiasts to make a change in your community focusing on yoga techniques learned in your practice.

Duration: Open

Cost: Free
Discount: Seniors: 10%

Seniors Yoga

Retired or Tired?

Many seniors are often shy about 'new' or 'modern' sounding exercise techniques. One of Karina's goals is to convince seniors that a relaxed, low pressure routine of stretches is good for the body no matter what the age. These classes would be catered to sensitive areas and with other seniors in a relaxed environment. Cushions, pillows and other 'props' are used to help support the body and provide comfort. Yoga is for all ages.

Workshops (Coming Soon)

Mountain View Yoga would like to recognize that striving for balance of both the body and the mind should not be competitive in nature. MVY would like to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility if only for a moment during the hustle bustle of everyone’s lives.

Boot Camp

After Rigorous Workouts


Recently Karina was invited to teach to a group of women on a boot camp retreat. There was much interest in continuing this partnership. 

Next Boot Camp: Fall 2013

Healthy Food

Belly Yoga


Currently, at The Café Radio in Carstairs, Karina creates a full Wellness Wednesday menu with gluten/dairy/nut free options. Stand by for healthy food workshops but visit on Wednesdays for a taste.

Yoga For Kids

Rambunctious Yoga


Yoga can be 'playing' as well. Stand by for information on how you can help your child get prepared for the real world with exercises on how to relax or redirect their energy.

Essential Oils

Plant Yoga


With years of experience and vast volumes of information, Karina plans on giving workshops to help you create atmosphere and cure ailments. Stand by for more information.

Prenatal Yoga



Experience the benefits for you and your baby with light yoga techniques to help with circulation, breath, and flexibility. Stand by for more information.

Yoga In The Park

Get Outside!


Take your practice outdoors. Take your shoes off and get grounded. More info coming soon.

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