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Karina has been practising yoga for over 20 years. Her first passion for movement came as a little girl through dance and theatre while performing in several productions. At the age of 19 she moved to Spain and became fluent in her father's native tongue. She then moved back to North America, became successful in the corporate world, and on the side was active in missions throughout Central America helping to build homes for the displaced. An avid traveller and outdoor enthusiast, Karina also trained to participate in several Triathlons. 

Her first introduction to Yoga was through the One Yellow Rabbit in Calgary for a summer lab intensive focusing on yoga and voice. She has practiced several methods of yoga over the years but finally connected with a style brought to the world by Iyengar. This method resonated with her as it seemed to be a more personal and spiritual connection to achieving balance without the presence of an aerobic or competitive style of yoga.

Karina now lives in Carstairs with her husband Jason and her son Nick. She owns and helps run a coffee shop called The Café Radio, assists in managing the Mountain View Music Fest, and is on a journey in sharing her knowledge of health & wellness through yoga, diet and well-being.

Karina Valleau

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